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flask_sqlalchemy or Replit DB?

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I'm designing a website that I intend to be scalable and used by a fair bit of people. It's a GitHub-like website where you can upload your APIs and share and manage them online.

I'm currently using flask_sqlalchemy as my database. However, I've found that with Replit, it's somewhat unreliable, as Replit and flask_sqlalchemy don't seem to work well with each other.

I heard that Replit now has its own built-in database, and I was wondering if I should make the switch from SQLAlchemy to Replit. I've been encountering errors with SQLAlchemy (one being a critical one where the database itself was corrupted), but on the upside, if I ever moved away from Replit, I could easily port my code. What is the best route to take for the long term?

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Using files as a database is very unreliable on replit because "security issues", use ReplDB