Looking for volunteers

Hey everyone,
Been a while since i last posted. But i have been active as i, alongside @firefish, have been working on a multi-repl project called Virra.

Virra is a programming language that is being built on nodejs due to the native support for async. The goal of this language it to provide Javascript-like syntax but without sacrificing speed by compiling to ASM.

It will include a package manager and a snazzy website to view packages and install using the highly compressed tar.gz format.

Bad News Always Comes First

Due to a weird bug in replit's github plugin, we lost where we were as it did't create the repo. The reason for moving the repl to another team was a bug inside of the team in which members could not join without a 404 error.

This means we have had to restart from the bottom.

Breaking the ICE

We are accepting volunteers as this will be an Open Source project. (a note for repl griefers, if you do try and delete the project, just note i keep .zip backups. Oh and 1 word, BLAME)

Just note that before release, we must decide on the requirements for each version to be released. (security updates have one requirement... 1) it works.)

Requirements to join

You must be able to use Nodejs and be willing to learn ICED-x86, the npm module, which allows ASM to run in Nodejs.


You can document the programming language as we go along when we get the DOCS website set up.


If you don't know something, do not be afraid to say "i don't know" and to better your understanding, looking at the docs can help, even doing some research will help you ground your knowledge.

please ping me if you do want to join, but please do not ping me 1700 times... like @amasad

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@firefish probs replit curse... it always glitches lol