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error because of the exit() function
RmyDahGod (19)

hi. idk why but when i put the exit() function the repl process dies. My code is just me making fun of my ‘technology’ teacher cuz yea he sucks and yells at everyone (that’s a different story)

19ecal (230)

The repl process died unexpectedly is because you forced it to exit and stop, using exit(). If it just runs to the end it doesn't do this, so if you are going to use exit() it will always do this. Also, shouldn't it be indented one more level so that it only runs if your name isn't bruno?


exit is supposed to do that. It's just exiting the program. By repl process died unexpectedly.

Nothing wrong with that.

RmyDahGod (19)

@RYANTADIPARTHI hi. i think you didn’t try all the parts of the code. Even when we put the right answer, the repl process dies.