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.env file
Light4565 (0)

Is there a way to hide files or make them so people cant see after this update? I tried making a .env file but it states I cannot and I should check the environment variable sidebar.

Coder100 (19279)

Nope. No more hidden files!

Bookie0 (6567)

You can't make .env files anymore, you'll have to use this new GUI by clicking the lock icon in the sidebar (near where the files are kept). Then you just enter the name of a key and its value. And in the repl, you do import os, and my_secret = os.environ['name of your key here']. Good luck! :)

OmN3xin (48)

Currently, you cannot. You can store those files on your computer then when your ready to update, put them on replit.

RoBlockHead (552)

The env file has been deprecated. You now need to use the environment variables tab on the sidebar (the lock). Basically just what you put in the .env, as .env is key=value.