Why are some NodeJS requires capitalized?

Hello, everybody!

I was researching the Koa framework and its examples because I was inspired by dolya.me, which @Zavexeon and @TheDrone7 made together. So here's my question:

Why are some requires capitalized? For example:

Take a look at this line:

Why is Koa capitalized?

Or this:

Why isn't ejs capitalized?

Or this:

Why is Router capitalized, but phin isn't, but FieldValue is?

I'm scratching my head right now.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Why am I asking? For the sake of consistency, of course!

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Answered by eankeen [earned 5 cycles]
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By the way, Mr Drone himself told me that he capitalized the things because he just looked at the documentation on Github and copied that. But thanks for the answer!