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download this as a zip file button not working?
rickstylz01 (0)

I can't download this as a zip file. Whenever I press 'download as zip', nothing happens. I need to post this up on github for a homework assignment, can someone help?

adlywafisyaddad (0)

how come it also happened to me

Althien (0)

I have similar problem in Edge (no action); In Chrome I button works, but dowloaded only some (not all) files; Similar situation I've noticed in Firefox.

I created a folder where I put my file and it helps.

rickstylz01 (0)

Thanks to all I just followed the url to download the zip and it worked!

Coder100 (18109)

Perhaps downloading got blocked on your device. Unfortunately, there's nothing can do about that and you will have to use a different device.

PattanAhmed (1404)

@rickstylz01 Hi,
Try by Refreshing your Repl
If you are on Mobile, I think you can't do it
If you are on PC or Chromebook then, it can probably a Bug
Report it here on Bugs Section

Hope this helps

Please mark my answer if this helps

InvisibleOne (2935)

It's probably a bug. Try closing repl and reopening it

JosephSanthosh (1182)

What device are you using A computer or phone?

Spacecraft (152)

I shared it with you on Google Drive. Hopefully you can get to it.

Spacecraft (152)

It works for me. Is there somewhere I can upload it so you can get to it? It's 22MB.