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does .env actually work?
AngeloGames (0)

does .env actually work because im scared that my discordbot might get hacked

filipporomani (0)

Yeah, it works fine. I host 2 bots on replit (private repos so you can't see that) and you can't see anything even if I make it public.

Sorry for the bad English!!

Baconman321 (1060)

The only place it doesn't work is in html, css, js repls.

Coder100 (17111)

Yes, it does.
Here's how you test.

  1. copy the link of the repl
  2. go to new incognito tab (usually ctrl + shift + n)
  3. paste the link
  4. Do you see the .env file?

Even if it doesn't work u can always refresh all the tokens you might have lol

AmandaMorais (0)

It does work, the file doesn't show up in the list if you're not logged in.