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does anyone know why the doom 1993 replit isn't working?
AbhayaAvalur (0)

it says that cannot remove'/var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*.deb': Permission denied. How do I mod the code to get said file and import it in? or if anyone has a working one, could you tell me? Thanks

Answered by Highwayman (1482) [earned 5 cycles]
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Highwayman (1482)

I think if you change the second line to be
/home/runner/.apt/usr/games/chocolate-doom -iwad /home/$(REPL_SLUG)runner/DOOM1.WAD
it should work. no promises tho, anything with graphics or packages is finicky on replit last i remember.

AbhayaAvalur (0)

@Highwayman thank you! btw I loved your qoute The gun? A compiler. The bullets? My code. The zombie? My confidence. BANG! [Status: Never busy but never there]