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deleting the Movie story season 2
TravisRaney (11)

hey everyone, I was so worried about deleting the movie story repl from the team which I did and got to wondering: shoud I'll let y'all help me out with the movie story or not helping me out at all? I'll let you decide and let me know from there

AloegelhiPlaysR (104)


I'll state a few points about deleted projects first.

  • They can be recovered from
  • To recover them follow these steps:
    Visit the CLI and type "Trash".
    Click on 'restore' => Type repl name.

If you are unable to find the repl's name the file is permanently gone.

If you would like help with your next movie story, I recommend joining their discord server here and asking!

TravisRaney (11)

@AloegelhiPlaysR well right now I try to restore all of it but somebody deleted it so, I am going to start from scratch

TravisRaney (11)

@AloegelhiPlaysR plus, would you like to help me out with the movie story?

TravisRaney (11)

hey everyone, I'll let you pick: help me making a movie story ro not helping me makke the movie story?