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dear mod devs of, i have a challenge for you.
codingduck (9)

dear mod devs,

i want to make a minecraft mod for hypixel skyblock. i want it to be a big mod. i want it to be more than my mod. i want it to be OUR mod. here are the things i want it to include:

• backpack viewing to spot scammers
• a direct link to a person's profile on right click(like how you can trade with people by right clicking them and clicking the emerald)
• click on someone in chat to bring an option to party them
• short commands like instead of /warp it would be /w cpt for crypt, /w dp for deep caverns, sp for spider's den, ect.
• nice looking fast travel menu, but not like the badlion client one. i want it to be more pixelated. not a big priority though.
• NOTIFICATIONS ON WHEN A FARMING CONTEST IS GOING TO START AND WHAT IT'S FOR! absolutely top of the list if i had to pick one thing it would be this. it would be nice for dark auction, boss spawns, ect. mostly the farming contests though.
• item display for what goes in and out of my personal compactor like on yt you have pry seen it
• display for items like how many enchanted potatoes and enchanted baked potatoes because my hotbar is one slot to small
• fix 1 bug: i have a macbook pro with a touchbar, and it has a thing that allows me to switch windows. there is a bug where on 1.8 minecraft doesn't allow me to do it but 1.16 does. please fix this if you can, or put a shortcut setting for toggle fullscreen mode.

the one request i do have if you are going to do this is make the code open source so other people can download the mod as well. try to work together in the comments, and i know it sounds big, but if i can recreate little alchemy in python, we can do anything if we work together.

Bookie0 (6299)

So you want someone to make the mod for Minecraft for you?

put a shortcut setting for toggle fullscreen mode.

On mac to go to full screen you can press option-shift-f

• fix 1 bug: i have a macbook pro with a touchbar, and it has a thing that allows me to switch windows.

Touch bar is probably gonna be taken off so don't count on something to be done just for that..

codingduck (9)

i discovered badlion client and it fixes all of these problems so ye delete this post

codingduck (9)

updated it because a lot of stuff can be fixed because i have admin power. turns out you can do literally anything with and admin password because you can set yourself to an admin.

tussiez (1669)

@codingduck Hold up.
I thought OS X removed support for 32-bit apps a while ago..
What version are you using?

SixBeeps (5228)

Have you given Fabric a try? It's a good alternative to forge, and they provide a JAR that you can build yourself (meaning in theory it should work with your 32-bit OS)

codingduck (9)

@SixBeeps no, but i can't open .jar files because it says it is "from an unidentified developer"

codingduck (9)

@SixBeeps i fixed it, i can't try it right now. i have the admin pass so i just made myself an admin.