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when I click exercise resources and it takes me here...
I click fork and takes me here...
I edit the code under
Run it, its good
I copy the corrected code
try to paste it into the "TEST"
can't paste

Can someone explain what is going on "under the hood" with the process of opening repl, editing, forking, testing...
I assume the "fork" is to get instructors code to run the test. Why won't my copy paste work? not even an option to paste!
It seems there are 2 instances of repl running.

#First fork your copy. Then copy-paste your code below this line 👇
#Finally click "Run" to execute the tests


the fork option is to copy the code so you can edit it and do you work with it.

of course, the repl you are trying to paste it into must not be the correct repl, and is the template version.
Contact your teacher.