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continued clojure environment issues

After a number of days every clojure repl project I've created ends up giving the same error when running it:

It looks like it's a general problem related to clojure environments not loading back up properly after being persisted.

I've only ever accessed from my mobile device (Note20 Chrome).


I am running into the same problem. I paid for a hacker plan to get the always on option, but because of how it seems to work (repl goes to sleep but is awaken every time by replit), and because of this bug, I just don't get what I am paying for.... Could anyone see to that problem? Many thanks!!


Same issue.


Hi @kurner, I ended up installing the babashka binary into my repl environment which is ok for my use case which is tinkering with clojure occasionally. Thought I'd mention it just in case it'll help.