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configure run command in javascript
RmyDahGod (19)

hi. I cloned a code from github, but i don’t know how to configure the run command for javascript in bash.
Thank you for helping, appreciate it.

Answered by SameeraMurthy (110) [earned 5 cycles]
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SameeraMurthy (110)


Here are 3 easy steps:
1. Go to package.json
2. And under scripts, change test to start
3. Then change its value to node index.js or node .

"scripts": {
   "start": "node index.js"
RmyDahGod (19)

@SameeraMurthy big brain. thank you very much.

UnluckyFroggy (920)

Hey @RmyDahGod are you still active? I can answer your question very specifically and configure the run command the best way possible.

Coder100 (17144)

Please, send a public repl.

The easiest command would be

node .

but if there are more intermediate steps involved,

npm i ; node .

But you need to actually give a public repl.

19wintersp (1120)

The npm start command (which you have defined as your command to run) will run the shell command specified in scripts.start in "package.json". You can specify your starting command there. To run "index.js" with NodeJS, the command would be node index.js.