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clone website
JakePifher (0)

I want to clone a website. can i?

Coder100 (17136)

Yeah, use iframe:

<iframe src="<insert website here>"></iframe>

replace <insert website here> with the URL.

if it doesn't work then that means that website can't be 'cloned'.

Coder100 (17136)

it basically displays a website inside a website @JakePifher

JakePifher (0)

its not doing anything. is what i need @Coder100

Coder100 (17136)

did you read the disclaimer?

That means due to CORS it can't be embedded. @JakePifher


Technically, if it is open source, you could run it on a repl.

Andy_4sberg (52)

It depends... What website?

Andy_4sberg (52)

@JakePifher I don't know but you could try <embed> or <object> tags in HTML