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Explore tab?
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Ok. so i went to tab where i usually go to to go to repl talk or whatever. But then I see legendary EXPLORE tab! What is it? It looks like Repl Talk, but a little different formmating. Can anyone tell me wat it is? Thanks!

  • JB
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oh wow, that's very.. huh
There have been many changes to Replit that I've kinda gotten used to but that is just :/ if it really will be like that I'm going to be severely miffed.

I love how there is the code editor and then ReplTalk is like the forum of Replit and that is what in my opinion makes Replit beautiful. I love interacting with people and seeing projects like this in the form of posts. If they're making it a gallery/app store type of deal then in my opinion it's just turning into a glorified github explore page...

Although I expect this is what they were leading up to with spotlight pages, I just feel so dumb for not seeing it coming :/

also where's that thread?