Any Python devs who have built blockchain projects using Vyper?

Hey fam!

I'm a Python developer working on a blockchain project and would love to chat with someone who has coded in Vyper about how to implement my idea.

The concept is fantasy fitness competitions. Groups will send money to a pool, groupmates will compete over a specific exercise, and the winner will get all the money in the pool.

For example, I could create a group step challenge where we each send $1 to a pool each day, and the person with the most steps at the end of the day will get all the money in the pool.

Specifically, I'm curious:
1. Given that I want to treat this as a blockchain project, is Vyper the right tool for the job?
2. How do I minimize gas fees? Can I use Vyper to process everything at L2?
3. Do you know of any resources / tutorials that would help me build some of this functionality?


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Answered by OldWizard209 [earned 5 cycles]
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@ch1ck3n Interesting, really appreciate the link - thanks mate!