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can you unblock roblox
ElijahSlack (1)

my school chrome book wont let me pley roblox how to unblock can you code unblock it chrome-extension://jcdhmojfecjfmbdpchihbeilohgnbdci/blocked.html?url=http and i dont know how to run the code

mebieaggdsdsdr (0)

You'r school uses Iboss right Iboss wont let you add vpn extensions or any thing like that so thats sad .


can't do that. You could get in serious trouble. So no, no unblocking.

JayNguyen3 (1)

when it comes to games like roblox that need servers to run you cant really play them at school with the school internet... if you have a phone what the people at my school download is xvpn. idk if the country you are from has this app but all you have to do is download it, connect to your school's wifi then turn on the VPN. it lets you do literally anything you can do with your home inetrnet.

EpicGamer007 (1607)

Your school won't let you play roblox for a reason, why are you even asking?