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can we do a image hosting website ?
rango15 (7)

can we make a website where you can upload images like an image hosting website but it puts the images in a file in the relpit and I use images domain hosting can someone help me make this wish come true?


that's probably possible in Yes, i believe you can.

rango15 (7)

@Coder100 Thank you very much how can you make it when you send the link in discord it makes the pic an embed?

rango15 (7)

@Coder100 one last thing how do I make it where people can add their own domains?

Coder100 (16985)

that's not something that's super easy to do, you can't do it on yet lol @rango15

Coder100 (16985)

anyways mark as correct answer? @rango15

rango15 (7)

@Coder100 all most is there any way to make a config file with Sharex so when someone takes a screenshot with it auto uploads and put the link in to clip board?

19wintersp (1121)

Sorry, do you need to make one, or use one?