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can someone teach me python please
Korbindev (134)

I wan to learn python and i cant afford to pay

KingsleyDockeri (10)

Have you heard of this wonderful thing called "Google"?

FloCal35 (667)

Solution to all the earths problems @KingsleyDockeri

btfuss (177)
if you want to legitamently learn python that website could teach you in 3 weeks if you spend an hour a day

pythonoob54 (0)

if you have an android phone install programming hero it explains python very clearly all siplified so you can understand easily just search it on or in your google playstore app of course
and sign up for an accout so you wont lose your learning progress

Bookie0 (6294)

Some cool python tutorials:

You can also check out python tutorials on the repl talk tutorials board made by comunity members on!

Here are a few:

You can also google 'Python tutorials' to find more on the internet!

Good luck, and have fun!! =)

InvisibleOne (2990)

codecademy has a good python 2 course, that's how I started and picking up python 3 from 2 is pretty easy.