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can a website get the output of an imbed repelit?
GuyKeren (0)

If I put in my website an imbed repelit and let the useres edit it and run it can the website get the output of the code? and how?

InvisibleOne (3263)

No, you can't get the output of and iframe. It's basically just a window into whatever you link it to, it doesn't send anything back to the main page.

MrVoo (190)

You can embed your repl into a website if you add ?lite=1 to the end of the link, but you cannot get the console text and put it elsewhere on the page. You can learn JavaScript if you need to do something like that

GuyKeren (0)

how js can help to solve this?

MrVoo (190)

@GuyKeren Well it depends on the code, you would have to port your code to JavaScript and implement it that way