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buy&sell app
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Hello !
I want development a app same with olx, Shpock....
Can someone help me ?

Thank you !

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Hi, I can recommend a developer who helped me with my app you can check this site This team helped me a lot and I will definitely work with them again. Anyways I hope this will help you and have a great day.

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If you want to develop apps, here are links:

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It would be very hard, since you have to make sure that everything is secure, and there is very little opportunity for compromise. You can't have anyone hacking credit cards/money because you can get in a lot of legal trouble for that. Also, repl isn't the greatest for big applications, as they don't support some features that you may need. I recommend you learn coding a bit more before trying to do something so big and time consuming. You really need to put work into an online shopping app.

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lol your grammar. anyways, i think you can't sell stuff with, and that'll take much more storage than possible. you can make a fake shopping one, like you have this much fake money and buy stuff. plus what code do you do?