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C# (.Net) VS C++ For Windows 10 Desktop Dev?
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I want to make desktop applications for Windows 10 (I want to use Swift for Mac. Is this a good choice?). I am having trouble choosing which one to use (C# [.Net] VS C++)


  1. I need to be able to create another app using this language that can install my other apps. Like my own installer. ¹
    2. Needs to have normal performance. Like doesn't have to be hyper speed, but should be regular like other apps and shouldn't freeze all the time (Better, not at all).
  2. I will need to access the file system (Appdata/Roaming OR Program Data). Need to access Registry.
  3. Will need some basic things like, checking if connected to internet, uploading files to my server, downloading files from my server, etc. ²
  4. Like some basic things... Like accessing account info (Name, Profile Pic, maybe nothing [depends on app but would like functionality as I would like one language for all apps])

¹ If anyone here has adobe creative cloud or unity, they install the apps. Adobe - Installs Photoshop, etc., updates, etc. Unity - Installs the editor, updates, etc.

² Kind of like a backup. So like for some apps I will have a website version too. So users can use on any device. When they change info on website, when they open the app, it should be able to download the new info. Also, if the user doesn't have internet connection, when they get it again, it should be able to upload the latest info to the server.

Also, finally please don't bias your answer based on the language's missing futures or features (Like, I know C++ is harder... I don't mind.)

I will update this post with my final decision after choosing. I will also ping the 2 people who replied and helped me get to the decision, unless they mention that they don't want a ping. Then I will just mention them.

Thanks everyone!

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but yeah I hit that too...
it appears C# only has wpf and uwp