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srsly (30)

does anyone have ideas for what I should make with python I will give credit to you in the desc

Answered by IntellectualGuy (673) [earned 5 cycles]
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IntellectualGuy (673)

Here are a few ideas for you

  • 2048
  • Text adventure game
  • A simulator (Business Simulator, etc.)
  • War game
  • Clicker games
  • An arcade game (Kind like Space Invaders or Pacman)
  • Uno
  • A replica of a board game
  • A game kind of like Plague.Inc where you have to try to make a disease to wipe the whole world out.
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • tetris
  • snake
  • apocalypse game
  • tycoon
  • Rock paper scissors, but with ASCII art
  • Making an ASCII art animation
  • battleship
srsly (30)

@IntellectualGuy hmmmmmmm sounds good might try one of them out

IntellectualGuy (673)

@srsly Np, mark as the correct answer? :>

catspython (27)

@IntellectualGuy I asked the same questioin, and got a simlar answer! was it from you tooo?

catspython (27)

@IntellectualGuy I looked and it was someone else already....