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How to save console output/view previous runs.
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Hi all,

I'm new to Repl and to coding. I just created a MadLib program which I've had several friends run on my computer. Usually I clear the console before every run, but I just noticed upon sitting down again that the console contained the last four stories that had been created. Does that imply that it's already saved somewhere? Or how can I save it now and in the future so I can review and share the stories created?

Thanks for considering,

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Sure, since I don't know Ruby, I'll write an example in Python but see if you can follow the thought process.

# madlibs.txt is text file # save madlib to variable madlib = "...." # appending to text file # writing erases previous contents so append to add without erasing with open("madlibs.txt",'a') as madlibs: madlibs.write(madlib) # read text file with open("madlibs.txt",'r') as madlibs: all_madlibs = print(all_madlibs)