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bad file descriptor error
ProgrammerAI (13)

I'm making a website and server with node.js html, and css right now. Everything is going well until all of the sudden, I restart the server and the terminal says "fork/exec /usr/local/bin/node: bad file descriptor". What happened!

Here's the link to my code:

Answered by malvoliothegood (870) [earned 5 cycles]
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malvoliothegood (870)

I do not get this error. I find with you have to: reload the page or logout, shutdown the browser, reopen it and login in again, to clear some errors.

StefanGisi (7)

I get this error at
I've tried a million tiems to destroy the session, I erased all my code and pasted it back, I logged out and in 555 times. I cleared my cache and cookies. I think I'm just.