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are repl folders publicly addressable in any way?
cstutormarin (1)

I am wondering if there is some undocumented way that we can direct users to a folder that contains public repls that they can view, from within a specific repl owners repl folders? (I have not found one)

codingjlu (483)

Um I don't know what your talking about... please explain a bit more.

cstutormarin (1)

@codingjlu Happy to educate!

There are unfortunately no docs on replit folders that I can find, but the UI is here in this image attached:

Once you have created a folder, you of course and move repls into it.

Those repls of course have a succinct URL that identifies them (and they can be private or public).

The folder does not appear to be “addressable” via a URL from the outside world, but since very often public repls are collected and shared from a folder in a related way (“hey - here are a bunch of public repls that do XYZ”)... it would be great to be able to share a ULR to that specific folder, which then exposes only the repls which are public. Amazon AWS buckets, etc. operate in a similar way.

I do not think this is an exposed feature, but I thought I’d check and see before I log a wish.


ch1ck3n (2386)

@cstutormarin yeah that's not a feature yet

you can just make a site that shows all of those repls tho

cstutormarin (1)

@ch1ck3n You mean there’s a way to build a site that can inspect the contents of a folder and dynamically build a page that has the folders current contents? (without that - It seems this would just be a fragile page that has links that would break or be out of date quite quickly) If there was a way to dynamically query the folder structure under a specific user, that would be great.

MrVoo (96)

@cstutormarin Just typing in the links would be all you need.

codingjlu (483)

@cstutormarin web scraping could work...

MrVoo (96)

@codingjlu Yes it is, they can just add in the repls from the folder as you add them, 90% sure folders aren't public.

codingjlu (483)

@MrVoo but you can't have a url to share all the repls in a specific folder...

MrVoo (96)

@codingjlu I know that, that's not what I said.