Explore tab?
JBloves27 (1903)

Ok. so i went to tab where i usually go to to go to repl talk or whatever. But then I see legendary EXPLORE tab! What is it? It looks like Repl Talk, but a little different formmating. Can anyone tell me wat it is? Thanks!

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firefish (950)

@amasad For the Explore tab, could you make it so that you can publish team repls?

StringentDev (234)

@firefish yes pls so we can publish our new lang in development at explore @amasad pls... ik you get 17 thousand pings a year but it is not too much to ask, teams cannot post and have everyone get the benifit of upvotes.

RayhanADev (2617)

@firefish that just needs to be added in general!

ch1ck3n (2387)

@firefish @amasad if you don't add that feature I will raid your HQ

btfuss (178)

@StringentDev thanks for making oxygen bro

StringentDev (234)

what... oh the team... wait how do you... oh wait it is on my profile. @2plus2is4hoi


Yeah! If you post a link on a post, the repl team will say it's spam and low effort and unlist it as what happened to one of my posts.

FlaminHotValdez (716)

@ch1ck3n lollllll...

Want me to help? I live close enough

ch1ck3n (2387)

@FlaminHotValdez GASOP they removed the share button from top right

StringentDev (234)

me too... except we are called Somer now @2plus2is4hoi

StringentDev (234)

@amasad THANK YOU SO MUCH because me and firefish are building a language that compiles to ASM in a team repl.

also... why do you have less cycles than coder100?

StringentDev (234)

@amasad but does he make things that are actually useful (cough your NEXT.JS template)