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about the sequel
thenullified (167)

hi guys! im rushing the sequel to the humble story of a teapot...
as im suddenly 13 cycles away from 100 cycles.
this is not very related to coding, but i need:
1) some very funny events like:(cause multiversal instabilty by using the power of 0/0)
2) some military quotes
3) some ideas for minigames(ill appeciate if you added the coding for it too)
the repl is a preview of existing minigames
if you give any suggestions ill upvote all your comments here and add a mentions of you to my game
thanks in advance!

Answered by Bookie0 (6370) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6370)

Hey, maybe you can make a rolling dice as a challenge, and you have to guess a number, and if it’s the same number, you win. Here is the link of a dice I made, feel free to modify it.

Another idea could be boss fights.

Hope this helps!

Also for the quotes:
A website I found

thenullified (167)

thanks ill add you to the game:) @Bookie0

Bookie0 (6370)


mark this answer as correct if it helped you! =)


smithryan2215 (0)

Hi, Here you can get some inspiration on business ...

braveman9080 (0)

@Bookie0 Great! You have really done a great job.

And I also found a website! That you and @thenullified would love to consider.

Bookie0 (6370)

ok cool, happy to help ;) @braveman9080