Method placed inside object, function still doesn't work.
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Hi everyone,

Edit: (from here:
--Attributes of a bad question: does not include link to repl or does include code in a codeblock? This seems counter intuitive, but to follow this logic I have not placed my code in a codeblock.--

Edit: Ok, I get it now, it wants the repl link only:

I am given a challenge among two in JS Assignment 12: Methods, Loops, and the this Keyword.

Here's my input for trying to solve:
double: double(number) {
return number*2

The template I used is from here:
It's the first code block in the "Methods" section.

What other info than the instructions should I learn to do this?

Further Edit: I've tried a bunch of different ways, like:
mathHelpers.double: method() {
mathHelpers[double]: method() {
mathHelpers[double] = method() {
mathHelpers["double"]: method() {
mathHelpers["double"] = method() {
mathHelpers.double = method() {
and so forth. I would have googled it but I have no idea how to word the search. I'm not sure what I'm not doing right, or what right is.

Here is my error:
ReferenceError: exerciseOne is not defined
at eval (eval at n.evaluate (, <anonymous>:4:14)
at (
at n.execute (
at e.M as queueRunnerFactory
at e.execute (
at e.fn (
at (
at n.execute (

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JoshBorthick (1)

@Zavexeon When you say you stayed away from it? Did you already have a job in the tech field, and decided to go back and pick it up at your leisure? I think much of my problems lie in my stressing over not having a job, and having never had a job in the tech field (so no one will give me a job). I'll post another question to ask this of everyone, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask you, specifically.

Do you know of any employment resources that don't require at least an associates degree/bootcamp graduation/3-5 years in the industry? My only experience, outside public forum fast-food/wal-mart is welding and labor jobs. I'm scary close to eviction, but all the remote jobs ask for the above, and non-tech jobs like secret shopper and the like pay next to nothing.