How to implement a save/load system to a game?

I am making a game and want to have a save/load system because it is frustrating without the save/load system (its a long game and also it has permadeath but if i have the save/load system it won't have permadeath)

Check it out:
The Wacky Warrior, its on Challenge

Someone please help me!!!

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Answered by ash15khng [earned 5 cycles]
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You will need to setup a database, if you're familiar with JSON format of data storage then use mongodb otherwise you can also use some or the other distribution of SQL. You won't be able to save data on files in


@TheDrone7 Guess i will need to learn that...


@mkhoi if you're going for mongodb then it's going to be very easy to learn how to use the DB, although it won't be that easy to connect your DB to your app but it's not very difficult either.


@TheDrone7 Thanks for the tips!