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Making a robot
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I am looking for some way to have a bot go to certain sites, and input text. I think one way would be to access the id's and classes and set a value to them. I don't really know. I want it to be so for example, I could create a bot with a account, that comments, and creates repls. I am kind of imagining something like this.

import siterobot robot = siterobot.Robot()'') robot.enter('ID of username element here', 'fullern000') robot.enter('ID of password element here', 'qwertyuiop1') robot.enter('ID of submit element here', True)

Now the bot has logged into my account.

The password is fake. Don't even try it.

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You could try ActiveSoup

from activesoup import driver d = driver.Driver() login_page = d.get('') login_form = login_page.form login_data = login_form.submit({'username':'mat1', 'password':'qwertyuiop1'}) print(login_data.json)

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@mat1 Thanks! I will try it