Edit a .py file inside of a package

I have a package on my app that has a bug. To fix it I just need to edit a .py file inside the package as the developer of the package seems not to be interested to fix it and update the pip version

Is there a way to do it?

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You can't do that, but maybe you could do a workaround. What's the module and function?


@NicoCaldo You COULD copy paste the code and put it in your repl, but theres probably some license that wouldn't allow it. Where is the error?



Seems like that'd be fine as long as the license is kept.


@SixBeeps @MrVoo sorry guys the link to the package was wrong
I need this https://github.com/lushan88a/google_trans_new
This is the issue https://github.com/lushan88a/google_trans_new/issues/36 and as you can see it's easily fixable by editing line 233 of google_trans_new.py
response = (decoded_line + ']')
response = (decoded_line)