Teams For Education - Images in Markdown

I'm experimenting with Teams for Education. As the documentation recommends, I'm writing my instructions in a markdown file.

I'd like to add an image to my instructions. However, it seems that only supports a subset of markdown, where images are not allowed. Is this correct?

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Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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You can use images in MD files by using this syntax:


@SixBeeps I've tried that, but it shows just empty (not even the 'wrong image' icon). I've tried this with multiple images, tried to add them locally to the project, linking them with absolute and relative paths, ... nothing :-(


@SixBeeps nvm, didn't check if I was using https ...


@SamVan5 Did you ever get images working that are locally part of the repl? That's what I'm currently trying to do, with no success.

I have a file img.png in the root of my repl and in the (also in the root dir) I have:
![image](./img.png "title")
and no success, it displays nothing.