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im new


hi guys im new can you teach me how to do stuff

2 years ago
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You are new to programming or new to the website?

If you are new to programming, pick a scripting language, these are the popular ones I know:

  1. Python, my favorite, very good if you want to quickly do something, very easy to use and setup and everything and especially beginner friendly, used for many more other things, such as machine learning, data analysis, automating tasks, basic game development, and a very popular interviewing language. Here is a book I would suggest to you, what I used to learn:

2.Javascript, a language I used to use very often too, mainly used for web development, but I know many people who use it for other stuff. Again, very easy to use, and beginner friendly. You don't even need any installation to get started. I recommend these tools for learning JavaScript, which I both used to learn:
The online editor you can use, just run with a singly click. p5.js is a library designed with a canvas, so you can use it for making graphics. And the channel I would suggest you watch who uses this, the one and only coding train. Here is the playlist you should start with:
He also has a very awesome channel, so after you go through the playlist, check his other videos too, he is awesome!

  1. Ruby, I personally never used ruby, but it is another scripting language, similar to python. All I know is that some person didn't like python, so they recreated their own language called ruby. It is mainly used for web applications, but also used for many things that python is used for.

Now, if you are new to, then here is basically all you need to now to get started:

To create a new program (or which they call, a repl), simply just hit the "New repl button". It will bring up this screen, where you should just pick the language you want to use, and give your program a name. Pretty simple. also has forums, which they just call "talk", which you can find here:
To make a post, just click on the "add a post" button. This about all I know.

Hope this helped!

2 years ago