Hosting a Discord bot on Repl


Real quick, I have a stupidly simple NodeJS Discord.js Discord bot I wrote. Am I able to just run it on Repl? I remember seeing a banner saying I could host sites on Repl. Is there a rule against this? Is there an amount of time a Repl VM will run before terminating?

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Yes, you can using uptimerobot, like @Vandesm14 and @ash15khng said. I'll give you step by step instructions. Please note that your repl will need a front end (an HTML page).

  1. ) Create an account at
  2. ) Login and go to your dashboard on uptimerobot
  3. ) Click "Add New Monitor"
  4. ) In the menu that pops up, set monitor type as "HTTP(S)", give it a friendly name (can be anything you want), and set the URL as the link to the front end (the one).
  5. ) Set the monitoring time to 30 minutes or less.
  6. ) Click "Create Monitor" at the end of the form.

@Zavexeon How do I create the front end?


@DomLowe What language?


@Zavexeon Node.JS


@DomLowe An easy way to create a front end is