Can I change compiler switches?
Jack_AdrianAdr1 (4)

Is it possible to modify/add to the compiler switches for C++? Or are they fixed on this platform?

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a5rocks (821)

Yes! right-click repl, click "open command palette", type "shell", press enter, type "clang++ main.cpp -compiler_options_here -o main", press enter, then type "./main".

UPDATE: It works for me :) (though I don't actually know if the compiler options actually change anything, but they should)

Also, you can upvote this feature request so maybe repl will add a more intuitive way :

Jack_AdrianAdr1 (4)


right-click repl

Where? The places that I right clicked gave me the default chrome context menu. A screenshot would be useful.



a5rocks (821)

@Jack_AdrianAdr1 oof. have you tried ctrl+shift+p?

ctrl+shift+p just doesn't work on on Firefox, the browser I use.

Jack_AdrianAdr1 (4)

@a5rocks good, that worked. Well, there was no "open command palette" it was actually "Open Shell", but whatever.

Not a good UI design, as that menu isn't very discoverable. Now that I know that it's there, definitely better though. Still couldn't find that context menu you were talking about.