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Does anyone have the problem of logging in to their replit account with another device other than the one which was used to create the account? Because I can't login to my replit account with another device.

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Yes, I signed up to replit using github, so usually I login from home with my github credentials. without issues. If I try and login from code club (kids coding club that I run) I try and login with the computers at the libray and it wants me to then login to my e-mail as it is from a different device.

I don't want to me keeping e-mail login details with me. It is just a pain, I don't have a mobile phone (smart or otherwise) so 2 factor is not an option either.

I just want to login, it was working fine until github (well microsoft) decided to switch how people login. 2 code club members have the same issue with lack of phones too.

We just want to login to the system, user name + password.