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Yeah im building an os and i need help
Jakman (451)

Im building an os that works similar to microsoft powershell but i need help. This is a python project.

xolyon (347)

whats the question?

Jakman (451)

@xolyon im trying to build a file/folder system so that they could easier be managed. This is just to test my python skills since im too lazy to learn C to handle folders.

Jakman (451)

@xolyon you can check out the prototype that i have so far if you want.

xolyon (347)

@Jakman Try making classes or just a ton of functions all of which correspond to each other. i am quite interested in this so i wouldn't mind getting invited

CodinUser (7)

@jakman Just create functions or classes using the os or subprocess moudle, you can use those moudles to generate functions. I have included some VERY basic examples

def ls(arguments): print(os.popen(f"ls, {arguments}"))
def cd(arguments, __location): os.popen(f"cd {__location, arguments}")

If you want your own custom file system to make it feel more like an os create a directory called "home" and treat it like home and use system process to manage the files in that directory