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Would anybody like to create a screen saver with this?

This is what I wrote in another post about this project,
“Hello replers! This repl draws STARS! In random places, in random colors, in random sizes, and with random points. The longer you leave it, the prettier it becomes. If someone could figure out how to make this a screen saver it would be perfect. If you do, send me the project and give me credit. I also would like if all you replers out there upvote, and I am flattered if you fork my project. Check out my profile page! I have LOTS more cool stuff! Enjoy! - SofiatheWonder”,
and I would like to know whether someone would like to make a screen saver out of it. Thanks! - SofiatheWonder


It's not possible to do this.


Thanks for telling me that! Just wanted to know! @CodingElf66


@SofiatheWonder np because you can't exactly solve where those shapes intersect and you can't add colors etc.