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Windows Forms in replit?
UCYT5040 (14)

Recently I saw this post which asked about Windows Forms in C#. @SixBeeps answers this question as follows.

Nope. runs on Linux.

However, programs like Wine exist that can run windows applications. Is there a way to compile C# code, and use Wine to run it?

SixBeeps (5047)

I've yet to see anyone run Wine on Replit, but it might just work if you're crazy enough.

UCYT5040 (14)

@SixBeeps Should I make a bash repl?

SixBeeps (5047)

@UCYT5040 That'd be your best option if you want to give it a go.

NotMrMan (98)

It probably is possible, but I'd recommend having Visual Studio (ex. 2017) so that you can actually edit the files. You will probably have to compile the form, then install wine, so that it will run.

if you can't use VS2017, you can invite me and i'll design it for you!

(just note that you can't update the file after it is out of Visual Studio, so you'd have to redesign it again.)

UCYT5040 (14)

@NotMrMan Yeah, but there should be some sort of compiler that can compile on linux in the command line