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Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3356)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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novaflippers (57)

A super simple language like this is a simple console logging. Its kinda docker but wayy better.
Im also working on this lol

TAKEINPUT(Var) What is your name
CONSOLE Var, you are epic!```


mordyman (3)

Ik I'm late to the game but what about anti-python?
Its name and style are inspired by anti-chess in which you have to lose all your pieces but play on the same board.

In anti-python you use the same keywords but for different things

def is used to define variable and functions are assigned to variables

# Define a variable
def my_variable == 'Hello'
# define a function and print the value of my_variable
def my_function == (){

If-else statements

def num == 10
if num = 11:
but_if num = 10:
    'Nope haha'.print()

but_if is elif and instead of using == for comparison we use that for assignment and = for comparison

FlaminHotValdez (440)

a language without segmentation faults.

I will use it unconditionally.

AstrumDeorum (48)

Introducing Star:

{This means it's a parameter}
Declare Variables: newstar: {variable name} | type[{variable type}] ;
Get input: gainInput: {name} | {input modifier (for converting to lower/uppercase, etc) optional};
Store Input: placeInput: {input name} | {variable name}; Print:transmit {variable or text};`

It'd be very similar to JS or C#, and would have some thematic names.
An example would be like:

newstar: variable1 | string;
gainInput: input1 | shrinkCase
placeInput: input1 | variable1
transmit variable1;

That would:
Define a variable called "variable1"
Get input from the user, store it in it's own pocket dimension, and convert it to lowercase (use growCase to convert to uppercase)
Put the input value into variable1
And then Print the value of variable1

So basically, if I inputted "Egg" the output of the program would in the end be: "egg"

ch1ck3n (1620)

My idea for a programming language is called python. it not named after the snake but the show "Monty python". you can make variables, functions, classes, objects, and even lexers.

you can make web servers too. here is an example:

x = "Doge is awesome"

Doge is awesome

FlaminHotValdez (440)

@ch1ck3n My idea for a programming language is called C++. it is not a variable increment but a revamped version of C. you can make variables, functions, classes, and objects.

you can code epik algorithms too. here is an example:

std::cout << "Doge is awesome" << std::endl;

FlaminHotValdez (440)

why is this STILL pinned?

catchacoled (22)

Seeing as to of how semicolons are the worst thing that a programmer can ever experience because in some programs you miss one and holy heck you killed the whole program you could make a programming language entirely out of punctuation and symbols. I think this would be funny but would anger a lot of people. It would be based off javascript and look something like this ;-_~~;--.//'$*%('Hello World'); = document.write('Hello, World'); I just think it would be funny to watch the pissed off people as they try to code this

ebp11 (39)


hducrufji5jir 99999998U0048U U0069U99999998
U statements are unicode.
9999999 is the same as the first mark in a quotation mark (the 1st ' in ") and 8 in the 2nd.
hducrufji5jir is Print Text.
No custom text! No variables, no functions, keep repeating, PRY (Please Repeat Yourself).
Influenced by Malboge.
Impossible to understand. Great if you're a cyber criminal. Caesar cipher supported (key of 13) with keyword irjnffmfmf1.
Second time you complete, advance the last letter or number in a command by 1. When it gets to 9 or Z, you must advance to the next one, and after you reach something like zzzz9z9z9zzz9zz, you're out of luck. Good luck remaking Microsoft Windows in Nto393w'k9.

ebp11 (39)


first word is action, second word duration after completed after page load, third is duration unit. parentheses are comments unless after exclamation. no inline comments and no numbers in comments. loops only up to three times. syntax: (, then [, then {, then <, then \/, then ||, then **, then ^^, then , then " ". text printing only.
The two lines at the end are compulsory. Imagine using approximately 36 lines (excluding comments) to write a simple phrase like "back barking".

Based on this alphabet board:

. - — • ? ! < > !
( ) { } [ ] " ' \
/ | * + 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 0 = ~ ` ;

(program starts here)
thrice [sit! (right one second)]
thrice [sit! (left one second)]
thrice [sit! (right one second)]
sit! (right one second)
sit! (down one second)
sit! (left one second)
thrice { thrice [ sit! (down one second) ] }
thrice [ sit! (right one second) ]
rest (A)
thrice [ sit! (down one second) ]
twice [ sit! (down one second) ]
thrice [ sit! (right one second) ]
sit! (down one second)
thrice [sit! (right one second)]
twice [sit! (right one second)]
sit! (up one second)
twice [ sit! (right one second) ]
ok doggie, time to go to sleep now. sweet dreams.
bark bark bark


ebp11 (39)

woof! doggie, lemme go for a minute. i wanna use a calculator real quick. (numbers must be in binary, with spaces as 0s and |s as 1s.) CALCULATE { (seven plus one) IF EQUATION "|||" + "| " IS SAME AS THE EQUATION "| " + " " THEN COMPLETE { woof! go! ok doggie, time to go to sleep now. sweet dreams. bark bark bark } IF FALSE THEN COMPLETE { woof! doggie, let me go for a minute. i wanna use javascript. JS { alert("Failed. Program has ended automatically."); } doggie, i'm back ok doggie, time to go to sleep now. sweet dreams. bark bark bark } } doggie, i'm back. ok doggie, time to go to sleep now. sweet dreams. bark bark bark
Result :


What about a language called "QUACK":


Maybe where you can type say hi and it will print hi

WilliamXing (45)

They have that in HTML @IL2PG

ch1ck3n (1620)

@WilliamXing They will have that in xhtml


not sure but this might be it:
(not mine obliviously) also check out video presentation by Dylan here

Chocolate16 (36)

Replit don’t have downvotes bruh

ZofiaBot (2)

@Chocolate16 downvotes are for suckers :grin:

MaxitoPlayer (4)

5 indents for every line
100 indents for every line that has syntax included (syntax works)
to add comment you do
****# ^comment^ ****# with the carrots
and on top of that, make them determine unicodes as a command and @AnthonyMouse @DynamicSquid @DungeonMaster00

TheC0derGirl (217)

wildest idea for me would be a language where the code was syntax errors, indentation errors, EOL errors, all the errors!

Hyderite (1)

a <do></do> tag for html and a bot will help you do the rest 😏 (jk i like coding)

RahulChoubey1 (136)


Never worry about stolen code again!

Naming scheme

Add the name of encryption, the key(s), and then the lang. EG Rot1-Python or Vigenere-yeet-C++.

EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE SAME. just remember to encode your code or it dies.

RohilPatel (1534)

My insane idea is to create visual studio code on mobile.

WHSBurner (11)

I think a very useful one would be an easier version of java, where you wouldn't have to stick filesystems to grab functions from unless absolutely needed. also make semicolons (;) not needed within brackets, with the exception of static void main
Small example:
`import Scanner

static void main {
println("this is a line of text")

doineednumbers (26)

A DSL that works with a parser generator to make a full interpreter/compiler/mix of both, probably using Scheme as the base, but since it's a wild idea, who cares!

AJDevelopment (151)


The only storage system is a stack (You cannot view the stack).

Only has 2 instructions:
+: Adds 1 to stack
-: Subtracts 1 from stack

Demo Program:


In C:

int stack;
stack += 1;
stack -= 3;
stack += 5;
stack -= 3;
stack += 1;
stack -= 3;
stack += 1;
stack -= 6;
stack += 1;
MaciahLawson (1)

Out of curiosity... How would you even make ur own programming language?
BTW I think you should make a language that literally uses english... so when you say if a player drops something, automatically delete their account or something. Imagine being that guy.

kingdracorex (1)

create a language that is used like english! for example:
if cheeseburger is clicked, then do function eat burger.
same grammar, spelling, and punctuation!

CSharpIsGud (925)

@kingdracorex A language based on english wouldn't be that good, it'd be more typing, more characters all for no benefits. Since a normal language would be just as understandable if not more.
You would still have to understand the same concepts you would with a normal language.

doineednumbers (26)

@CSharpIsGud And it's basically impossible.

doineednumbers (26)

@CSharpIsGud Yes, but it's AI, meaning it will get stuff wrong. English is ambiguous and impossible to parse without using neural networks, which by virtue of existence will never be 100% accurate.

CSharpIsGud (925)

@doineednumbers Though if you want an english programming language that isn't still bound to very strict rules its either AI or nothing.

RahulChoubey1 (136)

@kingdracorex umm… your idea was taken by squid. SORRY!

FlaminHotValdez (440)

@CSharpIsGud nah. The command "Make Alexa" would be pretty cool, no?

srsly (30)

Probably make what @DynamicSquid said because that will take a lot of time off of coding lol also @amasad do you rank people to content creators?

UnluckyFroggy (916)

If I eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

tussiez (1512)

@UnluckyFroggy If I eat air will I become bigger or will the air eat me