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Why it is not working when I download all the files locally?
SreshthaMehrotr (2)

I'm new to kaboom.js and I am unable to understand why it is not working locally.

JWZ6 (752)

you must do sprites/space-invader.kbmsprite

SreshthaMehrotr (2)

Thanks for reply @JWZ6. I did that already.

SreshthaMehrotr (2)

@JWZ6 You can see my code also. It works fine on replit but when I downloaded all the files locally it is not working.

JWZ6 (752)

@SreshthaMehrotr how about sprites/space-invader

SreshthaMehrotr (2)

No @JWZ6, but I found what was wrong. I made a syntax error while adding the sprite and somehow it works fine here, so I thought sprite was not loading. Thanks for the help.

Coder100 (19280)

check your spelling, and make sure you don't move sprites, it hasn't worked for folders yet