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Why isn't this working
MikeJMS8910 (234)

So I made this code but I don't understand why it isn't working. There aren't any errors too sooooo... Can someone help me out.

InvisibleOne (3206)

Here's my code, this should help:

from getch import getch
import time
import random
import os
from colorama import Fore, Style, Back
# You can change these to whatever sentences you want
level1 = ['haha this is a cool typing game using getch. ', 'i am a good typer and my score will prove it. ', 'coding is fun and i love to do it. ']
level2 = ['Wow!, this is cool. I like this game! ', 'Python is awesome! It is easy to use as well as fun. ', 'Typing is fun! And it gives my fingers a good exercise! ']
level3 = ['Is 2 + 2 Four? Or is it equal to 8?', '1234! Counting is fun. 5678 Yay!', 'The first number is 1! The second number is 2! And the third number is 3!']
def split(x):
    return [char for char in x]
def get_list(x, count):
        value = ''
        for i in x:
            i = Style.BRIGHT + Fore.WHITE + i + Style.RESET_ALL # this sets the color of the text you need to type
        v = x[count]
        x[count] = Style.BRIGHT + Fore.BLACK + Back.GREEN + v + Style.RESET_ALL # this sets the color of the current letter that is needed
        for i in x:
            value += i
        return value
        return ("Your done!")
playing = True
while playing == True:
    print(Fore.GREEN+"Get Ready to type!"+Style.RESET_ALL)
    start = time.time()
    sentence = random.choice(level1) + random.choice(level2) + random.choice(level3)
    win = False
    out = ''
    count = 0
    while win != True:
        ls = split(sentence)
        length = len(ls)
        copy = ls
        out_s = get_list(split(sentence), count)
        print(Fore.CYAN + Style.BRIGHT + 'Type this sentence: ' + Fore.WHITE + Back.BLACK + out_s)
        print(Style.RESET_ALL + Fore.CYAN+"                >>> " + Style.RESET_ALL + Fore.GREEN+out)
        key = False
        while key != True:
                key_needed = ls[count]
                print("Key needed is: " + key_needed)
                    get_key = getch()
                    if get_key == key_needed:
                        out += get_key
                        count += 1
                        key = True
                        print(Fore.RED + 'Wrong key! You pressed ' + get_key)
                    print("Error! Try again")
                if length == count:
                    print("Great job! You won!")
                    win = True
                    playing = False
                    key = True
                    # here is how the score is calculated
                    end = time.time()
                    time_taken = end - start
                    score = int(100 - time_taken)
                    print(Fore.GREEN+" SCORE: " + str(score))
MikeJMS8910 (234)

@InvisibleOne wow that is so cool, is it ok if I post it but I will re write it and give you credit


hmm, this should work. there is a module named getch. try it again. or report it.