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Why isn't the image showing up?
RBGoat (2)

Whenever I paste the website link on my iPad, it shows that there is an image but it doesn't show the actual Pickle logo. I tried it on my Chromebook, and it did the same thing. It shows the little image icon in the corner of the image square, but the rest is blank. Is that a problem with my coding or something else? Is it happening on anyone else's device? (The image code is on the 2nd to last not blank line.)

Coder100 (18215)

The image url is not actually an image, instead a link to an image. So it isn't a valid image and can't be rendered.

Use this link instead:

RBGoat (2)

@Coder100 Actually I changed it and the same thing is hapening?

InvisibleOne (3001)

Make sure that the album has sharing allowed.

RBGoat (2)

@InvisibleOne it's not in an album I just went to photos>share>Get iCloud Link on my iPad.