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Why is this happing
RiZeFrostbite (0)

When I tried to make a page the link is going to my phone number why is this?

Answered by Baconman321 (1050) [earned 5 cycles]
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Baconman321 (1050)

You forgot a closing double quote on the style attribute smh.

Y'all should use xhtml if you forget simple things like these.

HTML is very forgiving, which can be a blessing but even more so a curse.

<a href= "./payment.html" style="font-family:arial; color: black;"> Payment Page </a>


<a href= "./payment.html" style="font-family:arial; color: black> Payment Page </a>.

(The closing " as well as a ";" at the end of the CSS style attribute).

IcynDevz (724)

Everything looks fine when I press on the phone number

RiZeFrostbite (0)

@IcingHackz it is supposed to be on a text called payment page and there is supposed to be 2 images.

IcynDevz (724)

@RiZeFrostbite you should then direct it to the payment page then

IcynDevz (724)

@RiZeFrostbite make a link to where you want it to go when you press the phone number then