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Why is the domain and why is it giving me a butt ton of errors?
angrydoge (464)


I just went to check my notifs, and saw I had two. I clicked on them, and they both gave me an error. Then I pressed home and tried again, but realized im on i tried to go to, but it redirected me. Is it a new domain pr something???

Answered by Coder100 (17091) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (17091)
  1. No domain transition will ever be flawless, it takes some time for replit to get its API issues resolved. It should be resolved now at least.

  2. The new domain is part of their branding scheme. Replit was called replit not, and they are changing their domain and things to reflect that. Fun fact: is a domain hack for replit

zhaq6129 (50)

idk, its showing I am on, I tried going to, it redirected me to It's probably to boost search results and if someone doesnt know the website and just puts then it would redirect them to the actual thing.

RhinoRunner (835)

OK so I went to, and it had a homepage with this on it:

One of the leading manufacturers of cable accessories for power and telecom industries across the globe

Whippingdot (573)

LOL it is LOOOOOOl @RhinoRunner

RhinoRunner (835)

@Whippingdot i just realized that I am on and not

Whippingdot (573)

no it is not it is @RhinoRunner

AmhedeWeeeeeuss (2)

you got two more besides this one. also i had this same problem but a little later than you. also, replit talk is broken. its all 404s besides this one. is that what you said?

catspython (27)

there was another post on ask saying that it changed, and I clicked it and I got an error