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Why is my website showing up with the replit robot saying 'run the repl' on my landing page

This is what I see when I go to my website (after paying for a year of hosting and setting up the CNAME records with Google Domains):

I can't find any relevant documentation. WHat needs to be done? My NodeJS server is setup to run as follows:

language = "nodejs"
run = "node server.js"

Shouldn't it be directing to the actual image of my site?


Eh, sometimes it does this - It's a error and you can't fix it client side, just log out of, clear your cookies then open again, I think that should work.


@JacksonCowie Well I mean, the repl is private (so it's not like we can actually tell)


@AdCharity Yeah but errors like that have happened to me and theirs been nothing wrong with my code. That's why I'm basing it on


@JacksonCowie ye I'm mainly directing the "repl is private" thing to the "asker" / OP / @716green


@JacksonCowie I wonder if I'm listening on the wrong port:


@716green Port 3000 should work - Try 8000 or 8080.


@JacksonCowie Thank you. It just took a really long time for Google to route the domain correctly apparently I just had to disconnect and reconnect after some time passed. I was on port 3000.