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Why is my code being cut into pieces?
TortillaCook (4)

On my project, Tortilla, whenever you attempt to play, it cuts the words. You can view my code and see what should be happening. Anybody know what to do?

MuffinsTheCat (18)

I'm pretty certain this isn't a problem with your code but with replit itself. For some reason, if you try to print a lot of text at once it does this. Until they fix this bug, try printing smaller bits of text at a time

Coder100 (16968)

Ok, its a replit bug.

Use my super awesome function that only requires you to change how you type in input(). Don't need to use any bad hacks

def input_(str=''):
  print(str, end='')
  return input()

put this code on the TOP of every file that uses the function.


try resizing your console, or using \n in parts of your code.

FishballNooodle (174)

As Far as I can see it doesn't.
Try opening in Shell Instead by doing python in the shell terminal instead of console

TortillaCook (4)

@FishballNooodle Hey, it worked! Thanks, FishballNooodle!

FishballNooodle (174)

You can mark my comment as the answer.