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Why is my Javascript not loading correctly for my quiz?
KatieKiely (7)

Hi, I'm making this for a school project and I's really appreciate some guidance on what's going wrong! I'm trying to create a quiz for my 'test your knowledge page,' but at the moment it's not working.
I'm pretty sure all my JavaScript code is correct, but either it's not connecting to the HTML properly or I've done something wrong.
For a while it was giving me an error message saying that it cannot set inner HTML of null, but now it's just saying 'undefined.'
Please help!!!

LiamDonohue (294)

ill look at it and see what i can find 👍

TylerBernardo (15)

It seems to work fine for me, what is it not doing?

AdCharity (1322)

it seems to work though? the repl console always returns undefined if nothing is being returned fyi