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Why dosent quart-discord work on
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SO there is a module called quart-discord.It is simular to Flask.Meaning it makes a website using python.I cant get the window to open.Can someone help getting it to work.And if not replit team can you please make it possible.For stuff like dashboard's/websites for its handy but not compadible

xfinnbar (81)

You're looking for Quart, not quart-discord. Use the packages menu to install it. quart-discord is an extension for Quart that allows you to create a "sign in with discord" button on your site. If you need this functionality, you can install both Quart and quart-discord. Also, Flask can be used alongside like so:

from flask import Flask
from threading import Thread

app = Flask('')

def main():
    return 'Website!'

def run():'', port=8080)

def b():
    server = Thread(target=run)

Put that code BEFORE"token")
Although Flask does work, Quart is asynchronous so it is much faster.

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Thanks a lot,I would have perfered Quart though because like you said "its faster".I meant on the console it showed "running on port insert port name here ".I wanted it to open up a new window kind of like the HTML view,or the FLASK view.

xfinnbar (81)

@Subscribe2 If you want to use Quart, import asyncio and then put this on the bottom of your script instead of or

This code may need adjusted as it is pseudocode and is untested.